Anthony Brown

\”Hello, my name is Anthony T. Brown. I was involved in a severe train accident as a child and had both of my legs severed. This was caused primarily by me being disobediant to my mother, and I did not listen to her when she said do not play on the railroad tracks. I lost both of my ankles. Due to this disobediant act, I was introduced to a wonderful man named Herbert Schulze, who is one of the proud owners of Northern Prosthetics.

I remember back in 1983 when we first met, I was only 13 years old. He came into the hospital room with a pair of white legs, and I said to him, \”I\’m not going to have to walk in those, am I?\” He chuckled and said no, of course not. From that day forward I feel he took a special liking to me. Now, over 27 years later, Me, his son Erich, his wife and staff have become like family. I thank God Almighty, who always causes us to triumph, that I was fortunate enough to have intertwined with such an extrordinary family. There is much love for their fellow man in their hearts. Thank you, Northern Prosthetics, for being a beacon of light in what was a very dark time for me. You are truly servants of the God of Glory. Keep up the good work.\”