Ray Wilinski

\”I have been lucky enough to have been a client of Northern Prosthetics for the last 15 years. As my Post-Polio Syndrome progressed, I began facing more physical challenges. Just getting around was becoming increasingly difficult. The dangers of falling became a daily fear.

I had a brace when I was first diagnosed in 1952. That brace was extremely heavy, but served its purpose for me at the time. For many years I was able to manage without a brace. Erich and his staff were able to provide me with a super light weight AFO (ankle-foot orthotic) to steady my walk. As my condition became worse over the years, Erich has fitted me with a more secure device. I highly recommend Northern Prosthetics not only for their caring attitude, but also for the depth of information they shared about their procedures and possibilities for me, Ray Wilinski.