Trent Yenney

\”My name is Trent Yenney, I am 37 years old from Savanna, Illinois and have a beautiful wife Nicki, and 2 awesome kids Andrew and Hailey. I work for COUNTRY Financial as an agent in the Fulton, Illinois office since 2009.

I love sports, enjoy the river and outdoors, riding 4 wheelers, playing bags, cooking and being with family and friends.

On the evening of July 7th, 2012 the way I was able to enjoy these things and many other things changed forever. I was involved in a fireworks accident that resulted in the loss of my right hand and wrist. As this was the worst thing I have ever experienced, I quickly realized how bad things COULD have been, and just how lucky I was to have only the injuries I did. With this, the support of friends, family and all the medical providers involved, made the transition more acceptable than I think myself or anyone else would ever have imagined.

As I was quick to learn, having only one hand came with lots of new struggles. Things you would normally ever think would be hard to do, were now just that if not impossible. Clearly the normal procedure for this type of injury would be to eventually see someone for prosthetic options, while in the meantime, experiment and learn just how to accommodate myself to everyday living with only one hand. As I found new ways to do things, even though some just take a little longer, and still learning today, there are still many things that are very difficult, or just plain impossible.

Shortly following my recovery the ball started rolling for me to see a Prosthetist on my options. Up to this point every piece of medical attention I received was second to none. Very professional, caring and knowledgeable. Lets face it, this was a pretty scary / nerve racking time and I was still unsure what to expect, so the care to this point was very comforting and helpful. It was then I was referred to a prosthetist by my therapist and I went for a consultation. I didn\’t even get in the door and had a bad feeling. Needless to say, in a nutshell, there was lack of professionalism, lack of care, and most importantly lack of knowledge.

It was after that, I was referred to Northern Prosthetics and Orthopedic Inc. in Rockford, Illinois by a friend who too suffered from a hand loss 25 years ago. My initial call made me feel better and more comfortable with my situation without even stepping in the door. I felt more cared for over the phone than I did face to face with others. As expected I set an appointment, and have since been fitted with a body powered prosthesis and an externally powered prosthesis. The care and professionalism that literally every person on their staff provides is exceptional, and it was clearly the best decision I made. They go over and beyond to insure you understand what to expect, and how to make things as comfortable as possible. Very informative and always willing to help. They have gone over and beyond to get me the most updated prosthetic options available.

Without them I would not have the options to get back to as close to having two hands, as I once did.

Thank you!\”